Uebergame released

Since the initial release turned out to have a bunch of issues here and there I hurried to bring out a hotfix update to fix some of them and also add some new content for more variation.


-New level variations added: Dawn, night and rain versions for TG_BuildingSite, TG_DirtPit and TG_Fields for a total of 9 new different weather settings.

-Some bugfixes that should make servers a bit more stable.

-Default settings changed to better values for new players.

-Settings in server options now save.

-You can sneak now when walking while ducked, it makes no noise or footprints then.

-Improved controls when sprinting.

-Corpses stay on the ground for a bit.

-Fixed instant respawn.

-Players should no longer be falsely labeled with [Bot].

-Fixed getting stuck on ammo boxes, you can now walk smoothly past them.

-Changed some of the ammo box locations on TG_BuildingSite, to make the main building roof less of an overpowered location.

-And a bunch of other small tweaks.

Servers are not up yet, it turned out to be more complicated than thought. So I hope there will be some more volunteers setting up games for people in the meantime.
If someone wants to volunteer running a dedicated server temporarily and has problems with it, he can contact me for some support.

For the non-Steam version check the downloads section:

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Uebergame now available on Steam

Finally I found some time to get the steam release ready, you can download and play Uebergame now through Steam.

Steam store page:

My goal is to provide a community project based on Torque3D and I chose Steam to be able to reach a wider audience.
Now I got all the work needed for the release process done and finally it is released.

I'm still searching for people helping me out with the game, since it became a lot of work. So if any modders are interested in contributing, contact me.

You can also download the latest version in the games section downloads

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Uebergame has now been greenlit.

Just a quick update: Übergame has now been greenlit by the community on steam. So thanks to all who have voted.

The release preparations can now begin. I think it will be released with the next version 0.03, so hopefully there will be a bunch of new content and some new features in that release also.

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