There are official IRC channels for now.

Just wanted to announce our official IRC channels, you can go there if you have questions and/or suggestions to site related topics or just want to chat. It is also intended as a place to find other people to play Übergame.

The channels are on : and (for germans)


For details there is also an IRC-page under the communication-section with some instructions for newbies.


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Communication Section Opened

The communication-section will contain everything related to communication.

I have added some pages with guidelines and instructions for our mumble-server, I think this should answer most questions.

So far we have a mumble server in this category and a forum is planned, maybe there will be other services in the future.

The plan with this all is to create some kind of general community platform, with several services that can be used to communicate with other people, but we will have to see how it developes.

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Free Public Mumble Server

For those who do not know already, I am also running a Mumble-Server.

Mumble is a free-open-source voicechat alternative, to other things like Teamspeak or Skype. It is a practical thing, the only disadvantage is, that it is server-based, so you need a server or use someone elses. So due to the lack of good free servers, I made one my own.

So if you are searching for a free Mumble-Server or just want to talk with me or other random people from the internet you can use it, you can also get your own rooms with full admin permissions in it, just ask an admin for it.

Adress is the same as this domain, just enter it as adress, port is the default one, username can be chosen by you. The description can also be freely chosen, but this is the real name for the server under which it also can be found in the mumbles public list, there it is located under: europe/germany/

Here is a little picture for visualization purposes:

Visit it in the communication-section for more information.

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