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Open source gaming is a goon cult

After having experienced my "Open Source Games Groundhog Day" in my recent blog post I felt that somehow it feels similar to some phenomenon I witnessed before many times. Then it dawned on me and it is a goon cult, you know one of those vaporware projects, that never get finished, but keep making promises and their delusional overloyal fanbase will eat it up and stick to it and keep pouring money into it.

Open Source Games Groundhog Day

Most people probably remember the old movie "Groundhog Day" where the main protagonist was trapped in a time loop being forced to experience the same thing over and over again.
When browsing the supposedly open source games community websites I had a similar experience after noticing they constantly put up "new" news that are somehow identical to the "old" news all the time.

The potato farmer problem in open source

One issue leads to the next and the potato farmers kind of arise out of the denial of technological progress in the open source gaming community. Most often those are open source game developers or advocates and probably out of their denial of technological progress they use the argument "But it runs on old hardware" to justify, why they never improve or care to improve.

Open source gamers are in denial of technological progress

This is kind of a part two of the open source gaming community in denial. There are so many aspects to this problem, that I probably need multiple articles about it. The last blog post covered the problem that the open source gaming community is in denial of them failing in terms of market share and this one is more about how they do not even understand the concept of improving in technological progress, like most of the rest of the world does. You understand?

The open source gaming community is in denial

As an open source game developer I needed to search for methods to market my game and since the mainstream market is not my main target group I needed to search for alternative ways for marketing. So I searched what open source gaming communities there are and also what Linux gaming communities there are, but there were not that many active ones and the "active" ones I found basically all live in denial and therefore are as good as inactive.