No Uebergame update released, but it's still alive.

Around now would normally be the time for releasing a new update for Uebergame, but there is none, since I thought I will take a break and do other things and skip one update, well not the update, but the planned time period for developing it.

So I just wanted to inform you, that Uebergame is still alive and development is going on, or will go on later, but I have not decided on a roadmap what features to add yet. The initial plan was to develop a single player game mode, which someone else wanted to help me with, but since it seems he took a break as well, I was not that motivated anymore with it. Maybe I will stick with the singleplayer gamemode or maybe I will do something entirely different, we will see.

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Uebergame released

This version adds 3 complete new levels in the tropical pacific style, with 4 variations each as known from the other levels, like at dawn, by day, by night and in rain.

1.Pazifik_Kitney_Beach: A small tropical island with moderately dense vegetation, it is very symmetrical, to offer better balance on teamplay modes.

2.Pazifik_Gardens: A small tropical island in the form of an atoll with more orderly and thicker vegetation with occasional flowerbeds.

3.Pazifik_Watertown: This level has no land, it is a small town of primitive wooden huts completely build on poles in the shallow ocean, around a big lighthouse, that has fully walkable interiors.

Apart from the new levels there have not been many changes except some small adjustments and bugfixes.

Other changes in this version are:

-Particle effect have been adjusted more to the ambient light, so they are no longer that bright in dark areas.

-Random tips on level loading.

-Slightly improved postFX settings on some darker levels.

-Fixed a bug saying "password required" where it would lock people out of the game, or making them not being able to launch games when they had a password set previously on hosting a server.

-Of course lots of new textures, 3D models etc that are used in the new levels and of course can be used when building new levels in the editor.

-And as always a bunch of small changes not worth mentioning.

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Uebergame released

New features:

-New Pazifik Islands level in dawn/day/night/rain versions

-An extra version of the Pazifik Islands level for main menu background also in dawn/day/night/rain versions

-New system that displays main menu background levels from random viewpoints for more variation

-New game type called "Marked for Death"

-Some general game scripts cleanup

-GUI improvements like the main menu buttons now scaling better and no longer pixelate and some more small tweaks

-8 New Background images that randomly change as well as an option to disable that feature

-Added options menu item to switch screenshot image format JPG or PNG

-A bunch of new art assets related to the pacific them such as roads, textures, rocks etc

-Improved bot navigation

-New higher resolution level preview images for most levels

-Under water ballistics system, bullets from weapons fired under water slow down extremely,
system is not complete as bullets fire into water keep their speed, it was designed to handicap players in water a bit

-Some more minor small tweaks here and there I forgot or are not worth mentioning


The new Pazifik Dee Am Islands level is compatible with all current game types.
Each team starts diagonally opposed on the map on its own island, the Flag for RtF game type is placed on the small island in the middle and must be brought back to the island the team started on, but the capture point is placed further away from the spawn points to give the other team better chances to prevent captures.

The new game type is called "Marked for Death". The goal here for each team is to kill the other teams marked player and protect their own mark. The first player joining a team will become the marked and he will get a flag attached to him in his teams color so everyone can see who is the mark. When the marked is killed the next player spawning will become the new marked, the player that was the mark before will get a short protection from becoming the new mark so another player can become the mark if possible.

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