December 2014

Uebergame version 0.01 released.

Finally I got a first test version of my own game running. Get it at the games section.

It was 2 years ago from this moment I first started looking into gamedesign and the Torque3D engine and finally I got something running after several failed attempts and some breaks.

This game was the original reason I started this site for the textures and such, since I needed them for my game and it turned out to be more work than I thought and this made me decide to share my work in the hope I can save others this time, since the time and resources of hobbyist and indie game developers are limited. Yes there may be a lot of other pseudo-free resources out there, but I could not find enough that was really free, so that I can release it as open source for others to use, remix and redistribute.

Yes, there is not much yet, just one level and two weapons and some player skins, but at least it works. So I can build upon it and I will try to add some new features for the next version, I just don't have the time to do everything at the same time. And if you have some experiences in programming or as artist you can also try add something yourself and we can see then if it is worth to be added to the main game.

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