January 2018

Uebergame released

This version adds 3 complete new levels in the tropical pacific style, with 4 variations each as known from the other levels, like at dawn, by day, by night and in rain.

1.Pazifik_Kitney_Beach: A small tropical island with moderately dense vegetation, it is very symmetrical, to offer better balance on teamplay modes.

2.Pazifik_Gardens: A small tropical island in the form of an atoll with more orderly and thicker vegetation with occasional flowerbeds.

3.Pazifik_Watertown: This level has no land, it is a small town of primitive wooden huts completely build on poles in the shallow ocean, around a big lighthouse, that has fully walkable interiors.

Apart from the new levels there have not been many changes except some small adjustments and bugfixes.

Other changes in this version are:

-Particle effect have been adjusted more to the ambient light, so they are no longer that bright in dark areas.

-Random tips on level loading.

-Slightly improved postFX settings on some darker levels.

-Fixed a bug saying "password required" where it would lock people out of the game, or making them not being able to launch games when they had a password set previously on hosting a server.

-Of course lots of new textures, 3D models etc that are used in the new levels and of course can be used when building new levels in the editor.

-And as always a bunch of small changes not worth mentioning.

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