April 2016

Uebergame released

Uebergame brings a complete redesign of the game mechanics and lots of new features.

It is the biggest update so far and involves a complete restructuring of the game's code, which is the reason it took so long, especially since a lot of testing was needed to get it halfway stable.

There are so many changes, that the list would be too long, so I only list the big major changes.

You can download it as always at the downloads section.


-Weapon loadout system, where you can customize your starting equipment

-4 main weapons: assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun and grenade launcher

-4 types of grenades: frag grenade, smoke grenade, shape charge and timebomb

-2 special abilities: munitions and medic, munitions can drop ammo and medic can drop medikits

-Iron sight mode, lets you aim down sights or looks through sniper scope, it provides zoom and more accurate shooting

-New hosting menu, it lets you start matches based on game type and has an advanced server options menu

-New join menu, with more features and displays

-4 game modes to chose from: deathmatch, team deathmatch, paintball deathmatch and paintball team deathmatch

-Completely updated options menu with lots of new features, such as skin preview, field of view changer etc

-Updated graphics options: More easy to use graphics options, some new features such as an "Ueber" quality level, which improves the graphics a bit more for those people with high end graphics cards

-Ingame admin interface, which lets you manage admin/super-admin permissions inside the game and lots of admin commands to use such as kick users etc

-New ingame features: Fire teams, quick chat system, voting system and a spectator mode

-New ingame HUD and new loading, endgame and score GUIs

So those are most of the changes.

One more advice if you play the new version for the first time, you need to press "i" before the round to adjust your loadout. This is especially important if game type is changed and you play paintball for example, then you need to change to paintballer and give yourself a paintball weapon, otherwise you start without a weapon and better save your favorite loadouts to a unique slot, so you can quickly switch them if needed.

For people who want to host dedicated servers, the process has changed as well and you will need to update your server launch scripts as well as download a new dedicated server build, but I will update the tutorials with the new instructions and scripts.

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