Bad game design choices: Mobile Games

Mobile games are another big problem in the gaming realm, I'm not talking so much about mobile games in general, but the trend in designing regular games to appeal to the mobile market, because making mobile friendly games brings with itself a whole lot of problems that make games worse in general.

This issue is a bit similar to cartoonification and of course often paired with pay to win features, since mobile games usually have no or little initial cost, because of the spoiled audience. Mobile games are kind of a culmination of everything that is bad in the gaming industry. For an open source fanatic mobile games in general are a no go, because mobile devices are in general not open source friendly, but even for the regular plebs, the trend to mobilification of games has lots of negative implications, so lets get to the issues with mobile games.

1. Making games mobile friendly makes games worse in general.
For those who do not know, a mobile device is basically just a retarded computer, it is a regular computer but smaller and because it has to be small, there is a compromise in processing power. So what you do when you create mobile friendly games is, that you revert the evolution in gaming quality that has been done over the last decades and revert it to a much more primitive state. Lets say we have a history of 40 years of gaming evolution, where games got better and better over time, because of increased processing power of (desktop-)computers, now as computers got more powerful, there is also a trend to make them smaller, where you reduce the processing power again and in terms of gaming it means, that the games designed for it are like 10-30 years behind quality wise. So imagine all the new innovations that have been made in computer gaming technologies and now imagine a mobile game developer saying "Fuck this new shit, I start in the gaming middle ages or even stone ages again" that is why appealing to the mobile market is bad, because you are forced to retard your product.

2. Mobile games are often paired with other bad game design choices to rip people off.
Because mobile games are worse in general quality wise, developers have to use tricks to hook people to them, like making them free and then pay to win, with microtransactions and addicting game mechanics. So you not only have a worse product in general for consumers, those products are also worse in terms of treating the customer and ripping him off, which furthers giving him a bad experience.

3. Mobile games give a worse gaming experience.
This is also crucial, because on a desktop PC you have a big monitor, a keyboard with lots of keys and a mouse, but on a mobile device, you have a very small screen and no keyboard and no mouse, which gives you a lot less control over the game, therefore the game has to be further retarded so it can be operated with very primitive input methods. When developing my game I noted, that I'm running out of keys to bind actions to, and a keyboard has over 100 keys and you can use hotkey combinations as well, but still they are not enough, now imagine a mobile device, where you just have a few buttons, or not even that and can just tap the screen, what you are going to do with that?

4. Mobile gaming audience is more retarded.
Lets face the facts, a real gamer will have proper hardware to to proper gaming, someone who refuses to do that, can't be a real gamer, therefore he has to be a retarded gamer or whatever you want to call him, which further accelerates the retardation of games designed for mobile.

5. Mobile gaming make all of gaming worse.
By companies investing more resources into making more mobile games or making their regular games mobile friendly, so they can run on all platforms, they make regular gaming worse, by reducing the resources spend into developing them. Of course companies usually want to make max profits, they are forced to appeal to the mobile market as well, because it is the biggest growing market, so they often not only divert resources to make mobile games, they also often design their new games from the beginning with the intention to retard them so they can also run on mobile devices.

6. Mobile games make people more stupid.
And finally of course the retardation of the device and the product also leads to a retardation of the user of those things, which leads to an increase in users of retarded devices and products, which then repeats the cycle and it becomes an endless loop of dumbing down.

7. Mobile games make an excuse to monetize and recycle old abandoned games again.
I used to occasionally look at abandoned ware websites, where you could download old classic games and such for free, because sometimes I wanted to replay my favorite old games again out of nostalgia reasons and I no longer had the original copies. Well since the mobile market, those platforms are mostly dead now and the old games are on sale again and sometimes also ported to mobile devices. By flooding the regular gaming market again with those old games, you further degrade the overall quality of the games available, sure classic games have their niche place, but they don't deserve to become mainstream again, times have to go forward, not backwards.

8. Mobile games kill the open source games.
To me this is one of the worst consequences of the mobile boom. To the general public it does not matter that much, but as an open source game developer this development is really really bad. An even worse factor is, that at first this looks like a good development, since the mobile boom also causes a boom of the open source game development scene, but at the same time subverts it to becoming just something that can be exploited to produce non open source products for commercial reasons. I once chatted with a mobile game developer saying those open source game content creators are so stupid, because he can use the content for free, make cheap games and earn millions with it. Especially those "open source game developers" are prone to becoming mobile developers, because what they are developing are mostly retarded classic style games anyway and they of course fit the mobile market perfectly. So what the mobile market does to the open source game development scene is, that it invades it, turns it around to become a mobile game development scene and therefore destroying the open source game development scene, like a parasite that invades the host to strengthen himself and kill the host. The worst part is how hidden and hard to understand this issue is, because the general plebs cannot understand that mobile devices are inherently hostile towards the open source philosophy. Mobile devices are locked down by design, which is the opposite of the open source philosophy, therefore making open source development on and for them close to impossible, I mean even for desktop devices making an open source game, that runs on open source operating system, with open source drivers made with open source tools is really hard, but on mobile game it is pretty much impossible.

So the conclusion is the mobile gaming boom makes gaming worse in general and for open source gaming it not only makes it worse, but has the potential to cause complete destruction and the stupid hipsters have no clue what is happening to them.

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