December 2016

Uebergame released

Finally version is out.


This is also the two year anniversary of Uebergame. It was two years ago when the first alpha was released on 24th december 2014. It is not on steam since that, the Steam version was released roughly one year later at 26th october 2015.

Main new features are:

-Bots !!!

-Engine and renderer update for better performance

-Visual interface overhaul

-Potato support


So this version took a little longer since there were some major changes.

For example the engine update took a little longer, since it also introduced new bugs that had to be solved again and so on. It is not fully done yet, only a part of it, so the performance gain is not very big, if any at all, depending on settings. But the graphic settings were improved and a new quality level was added called "Potato" which can be used to gain additional performance on very very slow computers. It runs smooth on Integrated graphic chips on those settings, so that should be enough.
Then the bots were also a pretty big new feature, as they needed to be taught to be able to play all gametypes, all levels and use the equipment. Bots are also integrated into the voting system, so players on a server can vote, if bots should be added or kicked automatically. Additionally the hosting dialog was improved to directly have a slider where you can quickly add bots, if you want to host a server yourself, or play offline.

And finally the whole user interface has gotten a big overhaul as well. There are animated buttons now for the bigger menus and buttons have sound effects now. Overall the layouts of the different menus and dialoges have been improved to make it more ergonomic, as well as many new features have been added, like players where you can play demo recordings of your game using the build in demo recording function.
The new design philosophy of the main menu is to provide a mega-menu, where every feature can be accessed directly from anywhere, no matter if you are in the main menu or in a game, this saves some time, as you no longer need to quit first, to access the main menu. It also helps those people who did not know that there was a server voting menu or an armory where you could choose your equipment, since those have menu buttons now as well.

And finally finally there have been many small adjustments, improvements and bugfixes as well, like some more server options, overall a bit better default settings, a greatly improved help menu that offers a full manual of all the games features now and some other stuff I forgot.

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