The average person's inability to distinguish good art from bad art

After thinking about my last blog post "Why most people seem to prefer inferior quality games now" it came to me that the answer is quite obvious, at least to me: It is because the average person has no or very little ability to distinguish good art from bad art in the first place, at least not consciously, but we will come to that now.

Why ready-made textures often are not as useful as many might think

On I offer mostly unedited texture photos and I often got comments like "Oh but they are not ready-made yet, so they are not useful" so instead of answering all those individually I will write a ready-made answer for this here.

Huge update for texture photos

Almost 1000 new texture photos added, 853 to be accurate, but in total well over 3000 now.

Normally I don't post updates on new content in the art section, ony for big changes like this time.

They are all from my archive from which I was too lazy to sort out and upload so far. I'm still far behind my schedule, but priority is the work on Uebergame.

So check them out, if you want and did not notice already: