Rules and instructions


I want to keep the rules as little as possible, since I love freedom, this involves, that everyone can get his own room, where he can be admin and also defines his own rules, if desired. It is even possible to exclude the server admins, so your own room is your business then.


The server consists of several zones:

1.Landing Zone (this is where new users arrive, it also has help and support rooms)

2.Public Zone (this is supposed for public conversations, where other people are welcome to join, everyone can create temporary channels here, even unregistered users)

3.Clan Zone (similar to the public zone, but intended for groups or gamers, here also everyone can create his own temporary channel)

4.Private Zone (designed where people have their private rooms, where they can set their own permissions who can join and who not, only registered users can join here by default)

5.Internal Zone (for very special VIPs only :-)

6.Stasis Cell (nothing is happening here)

7.Idle Zone (if you are AFK or otherwise away you can go there to display that you are away, there is many different idle rooms, you can also create temporary channels with a message where you are or whatever, please don't make additional AFK-rooms below your rooms, the idle zone has so many idle rooms, they should fit your needs of idling.