How to administer your room

If an admin made a room for you, he will enter you as admin, so you will have all permissions in it.

You can then perform several actions inside your room, by right clicking on other users:

  -Mute and deafen people, so they cannot talk and/or hear.

  -Move people around or kick them out of your room.

  -Make someone preferred speaker, this lowers the voice of other people when he is talking.


And also create rooms inside it, this is done by right click on your room and select add.

  -Create rooms inside your room (please not too many).


And edit the permissions of your room and the rooms inside it, this defines who can enter it and what he can do in it, the permissions can be edited, by right clicking on the room and select edit. In the menu that opens now, you have the possibility to edit your rooms description, you can also add pictures, the next menu is called "groups" there you can define permissions for a certain group of people and the last menu are the general permissions.

The permission system works in a tree hierarchy, so the last permission you add, overwrites the older ones. The basic workflow is, you click on add, this will add a permission that is called @all, this means the permission apply to all users, you can also change this to apply to all authenticated users or whatever you want, these are group permissions, you can also add permissions for a single user, by selecting a user ID instead of a group there.

Some basic recipes:

1. Allow only certain people to enter your room:

Add a permission "@all" and select "deny" for the enter room permission.

Now add the user IDs you want to allow entering your room and select permission "allow" for enter room, so they can enter again.

2. A private sub-room, where no one can enter or only certain people:

Create a new room under your room and edit the permissions of it, to not allow anyone to enter, so people can enter your main room now, but not the room in it. Now you can jump into this room and pull people in there, this way you can control who gets in there and who not, you can also do as in recipe 1. with the sub-room, so the desired people can enter themselves.

3. Allow unregistered users into your room in the "Private Zone"

The Private Zone is intended to not allow unregistered users, so you don't get unexpected visitors or trolls, but if you want to allow unregistered users again (because an admin may not be always there to register new people) simply add a permission "@all" and allow entering the room.