A vaishnava always lives in the spiritual world

The goal of all yogis, mystics, philosophers and so on is to achieve enlightenment, meaning to become spiritual and leave the material existence, this is usually achieved through lots of very hard work over many lifetimes and usually the change takes only place after death in the next reincarnation. A vaishnava however achieves the highest goal directly and already lives in the spiritual world right now, even though he still has a material body, this is because he already achieved the highest goal, by realizing his true identity as a servant of god.

Normally the highest stage of enlightenment is achieved through controlling the senses through various yoga techniques, this is extremely hard work, but a vaishnava does not need to do this, because he uses his senses to serve god and no longer himself and therefore his senses are automatically controlled and not only controlled, but acting in the right way.

In such a stage of enlightenment a vaishnava may not look or act very special, this is because he no longer has any materialistic wishes, he does not even desire enlightenment/salvation, but only to serve god. This change of mind is the end goal of all yoga paths and if you achieve the highest goal, you no longer need all the methods that lead to the final goal.

The main difference between the material and the spiritual world is, that in the material world people are egoistic and are serving themselves and try to be god and in the spiritual world people are altruistic and serve god. In the spiritual world there is no need for work or fight, since everything works in harmony with the whole creation.

If one manages to make that change in his mind, he transcends the material world and instantly becomes spiritual, thats why it is said that a vaishnava ( a servant of god/vishnu ) always lives in the spiritual world, since he no longer is acting in the material world or acting materialistic, which leads to material matter to become spiritual matter, since in reality there is only spiritual matter, material matter is only spiritual matter in the state of ignorance or darkness and it can be transmuted through a change of mind or heart.

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