A vaishnava is all-good, where a non-vaishnava is all-evil

This may sound a bit radical, but this is the best I could translate it.

The vedic scriptures say that a vaishnava meaning a devotee of the highest personality of god automatically developes all good characteristics of the demigods, where as a non-vaishnava automatically developes all bad habits of the demons.

A vaishnava has made it his goal to serve god and therefore become an altruistic virtuous human being, where as a non-vaishnava is just materialistic and will serve only himself and therefore will not develop any good habits. A non-vaishnava may develop all kinds of material skills, but the value of those skills is always minor, since they are all on the material level and a non-vaishnava can only operate on the material level and is influenced by the material influences such as passion, virtue and ignorance, therefore his qualities will always be flawed.

It is also said that one sin, births all the other sins, it is the same with virtue, if you become a vaishnava, which means a worshipper of Vishnu who is a representation virtue himself, he will automatically develop all other virtues as well. So the vedic scriptures say, by the amount you are devoted to Vishnu you develop all virtues, where as someone else cannot develop any true virtues.

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