The true currency

​Money itself is given to the uninitiated as a proxy, money itself does not exist in the form that the masses are told.

​The reason money works so well even though it does not exist is, that it is given as a proxy to something that does exist.

​This something that does exist, the realy money or real currency is something really important, probably the most important thing in the universe.

​It is energy, so money is given to the uninitiated to represent energy, but it is not energy, it just stands for it.

​So people spend energy, then get money for the energy they spend in the form of work, then they can spend and exchange the energy for someone elses energy.

​This does not sound so bad till now, since the manipulation takes place after that.

When you have the virtual fake money, you can trade with it and make profits. Profit is very attractive to people, since it seemingly generates money out of nothing which then can be spend on real things.

​The sad reality is that every profit has to be someones loss, since someone has to invest real energy and then receives less proxy money for it, so someone else can make money without spending energy.

​This is also called slavery. It is spiritual slavery on a subtle level and probably the highest form of slavery.

​So by giving money for real energy the occultists steal real life energy and giving nothing in return and justify it with the lie, that anyone can profit, which is impossible.

Energy is energy and cannot be multiplied out of nothing or with no efford, we have the law of thermodynamics that proves this principle as well.

​So the true currency, time and energy is always worth more than money.

​No amount of money can buy back any real time and energy you spend.

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