Origin of the word Money

There is different explanations where the word "money" came from.

Some say it comes from the french "monnaie" or "moneta" in latin which means "place for coining money" and that place was usually a temple, where we already have the connection to religion and worship of certain deitys that were related to money.

The occult aspect of money would then be that it is secretly about worship of certain deitys. "Money" could also be derived from a surname of a roman godess called "Juno Moneta".

Another occult meaning of Money could be "mon eye" meaning "one eye" meaning the all seeing eye which is also printed on the dollar note. So "money" meaning "one eye" and a "one eye" is printed on the front of the dollar bill. Coincidence? I don't think so, since other language do not use the "mon eye" name for money and they also do not have an eye on their money.

Another meaning of "money" could come from the lating word "monere" which means "to warn" or "to remind".

So we have money with a one eye printed on it that warns or reminds you of what? Probably of the deity behind the money, that is worshipped by using the money.


English is a more occult language than others, since in other language money is often translated to "gold" or "silver" for example in german money just means "Geld" which almost sounds like "gold" or in french or latin "argent" or "argentum" is used, which translates to silver. So often especially in other languages money is just the metal that was used as money, which did not leave much room for interpretation, since it was very clear, but somehow in the probably most used word in the most used language it is an occult word that has many meanings hidden in it.

It is important to understand that money is not just a metal that is used for exchange of goods, but that there are deeper hidden meanings and purposes behind it, since its origins were already religious, this concludes it is very likely still some form of religious practice and an occult one, since it is not publicly spoken about.

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