The one who worships money is a slave

​Slaves love money, it is given to them by their masters as a reward for their servitude.

​Masters on the other hand are those who create the money. In old times it was common that the king (the master) would stamp his face into the coins, to make clear who created, owns and controls the money and therefore his slaves as well, who are forced to sacrifice their labor to get a piece of the power of the master and indirectly worship their master through it as well. Even today the heads of presidents or other important people or other occult symbols are printed onto the money, to make clear who it represents and owns it, but the average slave/uninitiated cannot understand that, even if the face is right in their faces, quite literally.

The reason the slaves worship money is, because it gives them value, since slaves cannot create value on their own, only masters can create value.

​If you look at it closely, money is almost always the reward for some kind of servitude, even a "businessman" is a slave, since he has to serve other people to earn money, those people often work even harder than slaves, so they cannot really be considered masters.

​A true master does not have to serve, not even attempt to steal money, he receives money from his slaves voluntarily, since the slaves love and worship the money and their master and the master does not have to give anything back.

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