Money is a religion

Behind the scenes the money system is a religion operated by occultists.

Serving for and worshipping money is a form of idolatry, which almost everyone on earth takes part in one form or another.

The money system is build up like a religion and has many similarities to religion.

1. Money is God.

2. The believe in Money is a believe in something imaginative, like a God, Money and God are both imaginative concepts.

3. You have to believe in it for it to work.

4. You have to make sacrifices to the God of Money, or the demigod of money like the goverment in form of taxes, to please the gods, otherwise they will harm you, which is again partly imaginative.

5. You have to serve the Money God - Similar to as being said in the bible "The one who does not work shall not eat"

6. You are cast out as a heretic, if you do not believe or make the sacrifices etc.

And there are probably many more points.


In the end you may come to the conclusion that the money system is not only LIKE a religion but IS religion.

It is not only A religion but the ULTIMAE religion that transcends and rules over all other religions, since most other religions involve some kind of money donations, taxes and other financial motivations.

And in the very end you may find out, that the money religion and all its offsprings are the ANTI RELIGION and the money god the Mammon is the ultimate ANTI GOD and money is the reversal of anything godly.


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