God will come as death and take everything away

You should always be aware that some day god will come to you in the form of death and take everything you own away from you, including your body.

It is interesting that the vedas say that the personified death is in reality god himself or an aspect of god. Some people might think there are different independend gods, one that creates, one that sustains and one that destroys, but in reality it is all god himself, who extends himself into multiple aspects. So in reality he is the creator as well as the destroyer, it is just different sides of the same medal.

God has created everything, this means he owns everything. Everything we have is given to us by god, this means he can also take it away again, since he owns it. We are given things so we can make good use of them and if we use those things that are given to us in a wrong manner, god might take them away from us again. Everyone is dependend on god and has to obey him, there is no way to resist. We can see this principle proven in our world through the fact, that nobody can escape death, so death is certain and it is also certain, that death will take everything away from us, at least all material things. Our karma is kept after death and in our next life we are given again according to our karma. There also exists spiritual progress and since spiritual progress is not material we will keep it and it is not taken away.

I think it is good to see god as the manager who regularly resets the game and corrects cases where souls have abused their powers and misused the things they were given. I also think it is good that god comes and takes everything away, I mean imagine an insane evil dictator that will go on being evil and owning everything to eternity. It can be seen as gods mercy, that he does not allow this to go on forever, but also as mercy, that he allows it to happen in the first place, since some souls have evil desires.

Every power that is absolute in our world can be seen as an aspect of god, since god is also absolute and this applies to death, sometimes god is also described as to come in the form of time to take everything away, this is similar to death, since nobody can escape time and time leads to death, it not even destroys living beings, but also inanimate matter.

From a material standpoint it is probably the worst thing that can happen if you die and lose all your material posessions, but from a spiritual standpoint it is actually good, since the more material things you own, the more confused and the more materialistic you become and the further you move away from your true spiritual identity and spiritual life. So even if it may look cruel from one perspective, god is still all good and only evil materialistic people fear death, since they know one day, they have to take the consequences of their actions.

So you should make the best of what you have now and use it for spiritual progress being aware that all material things will be taken away one day, so do not become too attached, then it will not be so painful in the end.

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