Money does not exist

Yes you have heard right, money does not exist.

You want proof? Well look at the world and tell me what of the things that exist in the world money is.

You will find out that there exists nothing in the world that represents money, well ok you will find things that represent money, like metals, paper etc, but none of these things are money, they just stand for it.

Money itself is an abstract creation of man, it exists only in imagination and operates under imaginative laws and of course has imaginative values.

Some people might say that gold is the real money, since it is so rare and has so much value and is most often used as the material to represent money. But if you examine it closer things only have value, if they can be used for something valueable or are needed by people and gold certainly is totally unecessary for a human life, you cannot eat it or produce anything useful with it, not even as a metal it is a good choice, since of course it is rare and it is very weak. Of course it has some uses, since you can make jewelry out of it, looks good and keeps forever also in recent times it has been found to be needed for high tech products such as computer technology.

So overall gold is not very useful historically seen, but it was an ideal material to represent money, since it is so rare, since things gain value, if there is a big demand but little available. Gold meets the criteria that it is rare and the demand can be created artificially. So things that are used to represent money have to be rare or relatively rare so they can be used to measure value.

In modern times however gold is no longer used for money and in place of that other abstractions are used. Money can now be created in infinite amounts, but other mechanisms are used to keep it rare like interest, since interest forces you to always pay back more than you had, the money always becomes less, so the more money is created the more interest is needed and the less it becomes.

These things are all totally absurd, but it was just to show that money is an imaginative concept, that represents imaginative values and behaves to imaginative and often absurd rules.

So having money does not change anything in your life as long as you do not change it back into real things, from people who believe money exists.

The person who spends his life earning money and then does not spend it for a higher goal is a major idiot, since he has given real things and effords for nothing in return.

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