This website is dedicated to free information, free software, free art and free services, this is the main goal with this project.

The "free" is meant as in freedom, production and maintenance of this project still costs time and money, so I created some support options where you can support this project.

Donations are managed through Patreon and Gratipay, those are plattforms where you can support your favorite artists, it is like an ongoing kickstarter campaign, to help alternative artists to make a living from what they are doing.

My main goal is the creation of a full free open source computer game, called Uebergame, you can find it under the "games" section.

Support me on Patreon: or Gratipay:

I'm the creator and artist of Uebergame, for pledging me you will get development of the game and free art assets released here on my site, see it as some kind of free asset store. It will help me also with maintenance of this project.